What’s important when getting started?

A young man I know is getting started in business. He provides handyman services for homeowners. In a display of wisdom beyond his years, he asked his Facebook connections for things to read and people to talk to re: business advice. Getting started means wearing several hats Running a business on your own means you […]

What does a new business owner do first?

photo credit: Sebastian Mary Recently I received an email from a reader who said my blog made them feel like they had come in during the middle of a movie. Why? Because they’re at the startup stage in their business, while many of my posts focus on existing businesses. Fair enough. Let’s talk about startups. […]

Making nothing but customers

One of the reasons that I see businesses struggling (or not doing as well as they could) is that they appear to work as if the profit from a sale to a new customer is more important than getting a new customer itself. Recognizing the difference is critical to turning one-time visitors into long-time devotees. […]

5 expensive new business mistakes and how to avoid them

photo credit: waffler We’ve talked about how the “Stimulus Economy” is a great time to start a new business. One of the reasons: Existing businesses in your desired market are likely to have downsized (ie: laid people off) or cut back on some activities, services or product lines that might not be their most profitable […]

Twitter and The Echo Chamber

photo credit: anarchosyn Today’s guest post comes from Twitter founder Evan Williams. During this Tekzilla interview, he was asked for advice to give to tech startup businesses. His response really applies to all new businesses. Part of his response was “Do something awesome”, which might seem a bit obvious, but he made a very important […]