Jim Koch’s Teachable Moment

photo credit: freeparking Yesterday, President Obama sat down in the White House Rose Garden to have a beer and a “teachable moment” with a couple of Cambridge residents and the VP. The only brewery CEO who managed to use the event for PR during that famous Rose Garden beer party – Jim Koch, the CEO […]

Obama’s Pizza War : Get your piece of the pie

photo credit: Gio JL The President is hosting a group for dinner at the White House this weekend and pizza is on the menu. That alone should have you thinking about opportunities to use the news -  if you’re in the pizza or catering business. But then, it got turned up a notch when Obama […]

The Parrot Says You Can’t Do That

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/GetParallel.mp3] photo credit: jsgphoto Obama made reference to it Tuesday during his Inaugural Address, acknowledging that many say he can’t do all the things he’s got on his agenda. Maybe so, maybe not. Admittedly, his obstacles are substantial. Some might assume they are insurmountable, specifically those 500 or so people in the Capitol building. The […]

Election lessons for small business owners

Plenty has been written about the Obama campaign’s use of technology and social media (much less a zillion other things). I suggest you read all of it, as there are important examples to use in your small business. For example, this Mashable.com summary of notable social media and technology events during the 2008 Presidential election campaign. […]

President proof your business: Through the eyes of your clients

No matter who is elected as the next President of the United States, things are going to be different over the next 4 to 8 years. Whether Obama or McCain wins, the wind in the business community is going to shift. Is your business sail going to be set in the right direction to catch […]

31 flavors of marketing: Another election-related marketing campaign

Last weekend, I took my granddaughter home to her mom and dad. As we started back toward the Flathead on a balmy fall afternoon, the Mrs and I stopped for a little ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. Down in the corner of the ice cream case were a blue flavor and a red flavor (thankfully not […]