The Right Kind of Work

photo credit: m.a.x   Productivity is pretty important, but it had better apply to the right sort of work. Even if your employees are incredibly efficient at whatever they do, if their work no longer brings substantial value to the table, your business could evaporate. The failure to automate the work that can and should […]

Not a nerd? Not a problem.

photo credit: f_mafra If you’ve been reading what’s going on in the economy, it seems like a fair percentage of the new jobs that are still out there are going to technical people. Even today in Silicon Valley, the number of applicants in the job pool for a specific skill are roughly equal to the […]

The Freedom To Hire

photo credit: jonycunha I‘ve been listening carefully over the last month as a number of people offered their analysis of the jobs problem in today’s economy. One thread of discussion from a sizable number of folks really stuck out. “It’s health care reform. No one is going to hire anyone until that’s resolved.” Generally speaking, […]

Romeo Oscar Kilo Uniform Hotel Echo Lima Papa

photo credit: br1dotcom That’s military phonetics for “Roku Help”. Last month, I bought a Roku XD-S so we could watch Netflix on our TV rather than on a laptop. It’s a fine unit for streaming Netflix and (probably) Amazon Video-on-Demand, Major League Baseball on demand and so on. The interface was a little disappointing because […]

Adobe misses the outsourcing boat

photo credit: mikebaird Would you find it odd if McDonald’s outsourced their burger cooking to Joe’s Diner or Burger King? What about Global Burger Associates? If they did so, would they know if the quality of their food dropped? What’s my point? My point is that you don’t farm out core competencies. While I hadn’t […]

Think you’re too busy? Here’s how to get 6 extra WEEKS this year

photo credit: Sarah606 If I only had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “I wish I could clone myself” (or every time they wrote it). Maybe even a dime:) It’s a pretty common thing for people to say. There are over 2200 google hits on that exact quote (ie: search google with […]

Keeping your focus

One of the things essential to getting your business systemized and streamlined is farming out the stuff that you really don’t have any business doing. The key to systemizing work to external vendors is choosing the right vendor for the right job. IE: qualified, technically able to produce the work, has the right equipment, etc. For […]