Employee metrics and the fantasy football parallel

My son and his friends talked me into joining their NFL fantasy league this season. A fantasy team owner “drafts” players and those players’ statistics are used to score points each week. You face off against one other team owner in the league. The owner whose players score the most points that week determines who […]

Avoid the temptation

photo credit: Vincent Luigi Molino A couple of days ago, I was pretty forward with you guys about your responsibilities as both employees and employers. It’s easy to assume that one will regularly take advantage of the other – even in the current tight job market. It doesn’t make any sense, but it’s been going […]

Take good care of the canary

photo credit: matticgn Yesterday, we talked about David Lee Roth’s M&Ms trick and how it acted somewhat like a canary in the coal mine. It probably looked like a silly “diva clause” to everyone but Roth. A little, unimportant detail. These little details that your competitors ignore or see as unimportant might be the one thing […]

On obscene profits and the joy of being average

Yesterday’s Eagle Court reminded me of the last few moments of this short 2 minute video guest post from Tom Peters. Note for those who might cringe at, be disgusted by or even “hate” the thought of a company earning the “obscene profits” extols: Mr Peters is a Democrat who spoke on the Obama campaign […]

15 seconds: The difference between so-so and …

photo credit: maessive Today is about setting expectations. When you go into a doctor’s office, most people figure they’ll wait 10-15 minutes whether it makes any sense or not. If that doctor’s office happens to be an OBGYN, you can reasonably expect that it might be 10 minutes or 3 hours, which goes with the […]

Measurement, competition and the right person for the job

photo credit: Jesslee Cuizon Everyone just loves performance evaluations. Employees tend to dread them because they’re often a useless exercise of “well, you’re doing ok, here’s your 2% raise, see you in 6 months or a year or whatever”. Sometimes you’ll hear that you need to improve something, but more often than not you’ll hear […]

3 guarantees that will grow your business

One of the places where you don’t see a lot of creativity in is guarantees. Yet they are one of the least expensive ways to market your products and service. In a world where it sometimes seems that there are only two guarantees (that death and taxes thing), it’s a great way to stand way out […]