Automation *can be* personal

photo credit: JOE MARINARO Like I suspect you do, I get a number of automated emails asking how someone’s service was, or reminding me to deal with this or that before a deadline. Most of these are innocuous emails that were done with an honest effort to help, but because the process was left unfinished, […]

Ron Clark: Everything we do is personal

[audio:] photo credit: freeparking As some of you know, my wife is a junior high school teacher. 6th grade to be specific. Know what that means? Hormones. Drama. Lots of change. Who knows what else. People think it’s amazing that I’m a Scoutmaster for a Scout troop, but that’s easy compared to being a teacher. […]

Does your small business send personal emails?

Back in January, Denny Hatch was discussing some emails he received: some personalized, some not. photo credit: batega Would you rather receive this (his example): Date: 14 Jan 2008 03:58:31- 0800 From: â??Ticketmasterâ? To: xxxxx Subject: Event Reminder: Young Frankenstein Ticketmaster Event Reminder Hello Denison Hatch. Your event is happening soon! Young Frankenstein. When: Friday, […]