Burgers are Personal

Anytime I see a good example of how to turn ordinary into pretty darned cool (and personal), I like to share it.

A Burger King in Brazil took their customer’s photos and printed the photos on the paper used to wrap their burger. Their point was to emphasize that there was some meat to corporate’s “Have it your way” slogan – and this does exactly that.

What could make your burger more personal than having your face on the wrapper?

If you and your staff discussed this during a meeting, it’s likely that you’d come up with 100 different reasons to do something else (or nothing).

I suspect the management of this Burger King had the same thoughts – but they did it anyway. Kudos to them.

How can you make your business more personal to your customers?

Tiffany is known for the little blue box. Mercedes is known for luxury, but the luxury doesn’t stop with their cars. It extends to their relationship with their owners with a litany of personal touches. Disney has guests, not customers – and treats them like guests.

What would Tiffany, Mercedes or Disney do if they owned your business?