Fishing for ideas using IdeaCast

photo credit: photos.juliechen Today’s guest post is more than one read, instead it’s a series of over 100 podcasts from Harvard Business Review’s bi-weekly production called IdeaCast. Click here to subscribe to HBR’s IdeaCast (Note: This link will take you to iTunes, which hosts the free podcast) Each episode is about 20 minutes and they […]

Competing with Bullwinkle

[audio:] photo credit: FlyNutAA The other day, one of our dogs chased a huge moose out of the yard. Who cares, right? Maybe. Read on. If you haven’t ever seen a moose, they aren’t quite as friendly as Bullwinkle. In fact, they have a reputation for being pretty mean once provoked. Readers of the Gary […]

When I grow up I want to be an old woman

That phrase isn’t only the name of a Michelle Shocked song, it’s the theme of a very good commercial. Something got me on a meme of talking about marketing to women this week – including on today’s Hotseat Radio show, so I figure I may as well finish Friday that way. Kaiser Permanente took Michelle’s […]