Santa’s naughty or nice business list for 2010

photo credit: aussiegall Yahoo Finance put together a good list of naughty and nice business policies for this year’s Christmas season. Check out today’s guest post. Spend wisely… and make sure your business is on the nice list.

Offer customer-focused reasons vs. “It’s our policy”

photo credit: ckindel For months, my youngest son has been saving for a new set of skis. Given the instant gratification culture we’re surrounded by, its a good thing to watch a kid save his shekels for a few months for something he really wants. The timing is good for him to reach his goal, […]

The Intersection of Policy and Customer Service

Joel Spolsky is a household name to most people in the software business. He’s been blogging for years about Microsoft, customer service, the software business and even how to build out an office in New York City. Not long ago, he started blogging for Inc. Magazine. Today, he’s our guest poster and talks about something […]

“Nothing can be done about it.” Phooey.

One of the readers of my newspaper column owns a bar/restaurant. Recently she told me that one of her bartenders accidentally rang in a $6 charge twice on a debit charge card. They found the mistake the next day and corrected it by reimbursing the $6 to the customer. The customer called back and said […]