Sweatshirts and t-shirts: Wondering who the CPSIA will put out of business.

photo credit: Bitterroot I wonder whose business might be impacted by the CPSIA.  I wonder about the nice lady whose son was in my troop years back. She embroiders and sells Columbia Falls Wildcat sweatshirts, tshirts, letter jackets and such – including items for little kids. Fortunately for her, the majority of her business isn’t […]

Not ALL marketing is local. Nor is it personal.

So far today, my home phone has rang 13 times. THIRTEEN TIMES. My office is at home. It’s 2:20pm on Wednesday. EVERY SINGLE CALL has been from the same political party, on behalf of that party, or from one of its candidates. EVERY SINGLE CALL has either been made from an automated call bank that transfers […]

Celebrating Business, and US Independence

It’s the 4th of July Independence Day holiday in the U.S., so I thought I’d find a piece about creating your own independence, rather than writing it myself. The NY Times Sunday Magazine story on Rush Limbaugh is just perfect for that purpose. Like him, dislike him, hate him or love him, you can’t help […]