KFC Potholes Fix: Another example of using the news

In colder climates, it’s pothole season. As the weather warms, ice and snow thaws and “spring break up” begins. The ground creaks and ripples as some areas thaw faster than others, while others go through numerous freeze and thaw cycles until spring truly arrives. It begins for the roads too, as thawing ice breaks up […]

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

photo credit: Picklepud Anyone in the beauty / spa / cosmetics / girls / women’s products or similar businesses has a nice opportunity to feed off of the likely sizable public relations push surrounding the reveal of the 50th anniversary Barbie’s new face by Mattel. Yep – she’s getting a facelift (or something like that) […]

Finger lickin’ good PR for KFC

Last week, you might have seen a news piece on CNN or another national television network showing a high security team from Kentucky Fried Chicken moving their secret recipe to a new location. You might have thought “What a puff piece” when you saw the news. What I hope you saw was a large corporate […]

What would a HARO look like in your market?

Woolworth. Sears. KMart. WalMart. The Internet. Napster. Amazon. iTunes. Open-source software. And now, HARO. HARO, aka HelpaReporter.com is proving to be disruptive to PR Newswire’s ProfNet, a service for subject matter experts (SME) – which could easily be you. ProfNet charges sources to connect with reporters who need an expert to interview for their next […]

Are you smarter than a dry cleaners?

For some time now, the news has covered Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson’s $54MM ( 54 million dollar ) lawsuit against Custom Cleaners, a dry cleaning store in Washington DC. Originally, the basis for Pearson’s lawsuit was about a pair of supposedly lost pants. Later the pants resurfaced, but the lawsuit was altered to be […]