Critical process testing: Both expensive and cheap.

How do you perform critical process testing? Critical processes are sensitive to any failure, not just the major ones we tend to worry about most. When your products get out into the real world, they encounter a mix of simple, complex and very complex environments. Likewise, they are often used in a mix of simple, […]

When the norm is to get along, being a jerk really stands out

photo credit: Gonzalo Baeza Hernández Today’s guest post is focused on the web, software operations, deployment and geeky stuff like that, BUT… BUT…if you filter the geekspeak out of it, it applies *directly* to just about every other team / process situation, in almost every workplace. The core message: the difference between speed of recovery […]

Changes and Clipboards

photo credit: iluvrhinestones While the world wrings its hands over the tax implications of LeBron James’ move to Miami, the rest of us didn’t even look up. We’re working hard to create (or advance the progress of) our next big thing. Meanwhile, the economy stumbles forward in some ways, races in others, and limps in […]

How do you welcome them?

photo credit: Î?λενα Î?αγαρία We’ve all been there. You mosey (at least I do) into a doctor’s office for the first time and the experience is practically identical to almost every other first visit to almost every other doctor’s office. You get handed a clipboard of paper forms to fill out, as if they don’t […]