Habit forming: What do you do every day?

Habits – at least the good ones – tend to help us get big things done that we might otherwise never accomplish. One of the things I do every day is read a page from “The Daily Drucker“. The Daily Drucker is a 366 page book of one-page-per-day excerpts from Peter Drucker’s books on business, […]

The most expensive, most stressful thing on your desk

Nothing destroys a work day like distractions. Ever realize that it’s “suddenly” dinner time and all you remember doing since lunch is reading Facebook? That’ll show up nicely on a deposit slip. Hello, stress. Distractions are a product of your work environment, your work habits and how those two things are communicated to others. Your […]

Does packing a suitcase make you more productive?

photo credit: masochismtango Think about the process you go through when preparing for an important business trip. You make a todo list so you’re sure you get all the bases covered. You think of every scenario that might come up at home while you are gone and every scenario that might up come while out […]

6 questions that will shake your productivity beliefs

photo credit: The U.S. Army The easy question sometimes ends up playing the role of the hardest one. The easy question – What system (paper, software, methodology, whatever) do you use to manage ToDos, Goals and Priorities on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis? That question is part of The Rescue Interview because managers, CEOs and […]

Stop Chasing Rabbits: A Productivity/Focus “Secret”

photo credit: notsogoodphotography I don’t spend a lot of time writing about “the hows” of staying focused, but I do remind you now and then about the reasons that make focus so important. For example, I closed the post A Thousand Dollars an Hour with “The goal? To do more of the right work. The work that […]

A Thousand Dollars an Hour

photo credit: Majo´s Photos One of my mentors describes a person or activity that wastes your time as a “time vampire”. This might be someone who repeatedly interrupts you for information they could easily find on their own – in other words, they’re really making a social call. It might be you checking CNN or […]

Christians, Lions and Wives of New Jersey

During the run-up to the fall of Rome, entertainment in that civilization became more violent and what many people these days would probably call immoral. If you look back to Rome, you might not see the parallel to today but I’m sure you’re familiar with the words “Those who forget / ignore history are doomed […]

The Stop Doing List

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Lots of people have todo lists that keep them on track throughout the day. Without them, a lot of things would never get done – including by me. Think about all the stuff you do. Make a list. Start with daily tasks, then weekly, then monthly – but do 1 at a […]

Being productive, or just busy?

photo credit: koalazymonkey Multitasking: We all do it and we all pretty much know how good we are at it. You may have seen the graphical representations of the difference between multitasking and not doing so. They go something like this: Lets say you need to complete 3 tasks that will take 3 days each. […]