An in-your-face reminder to GET. STUFF. DONE.

Today’s guest post comes from internet marketer Trey Smith, who offers up a simple, in-your-face way to regularly remind yourself to GET THINGS DONE as your day progresses. It might seem like “nothing”, but having it in your face all day is exactly the kind of thing that productivity experts recommend, and it even jibes […]

Why your staff wants more profitable work to do

Consider the profitability of the work being done by each member of your staff. Are they making your business more profitable? Or are they doing non-critical work that a computer or service could do? Why not automate those often lame-but-necessary tasks? Why? Because you arenĂ¢??t getting it all done otherwise. Want proof? Call a vendor […]

7 reasons why 20somethings are more productive

Today’s guest post comes from Clay Collins over at The Growing Life. He talks about the 7 reasons (I suspect there might be more if we pushed him on it) that 20somethings are (apparently?) more productive than us old guys. Well, except for me. *I’m not that old*<g> Check it out before Clay turns 30, […]

Why are you STILL wasting time?

No, this is not another time management discussion. I simply want to put your day in the proper context. After all, almost 60% of the year is behind us and I want you to be sure you’re getting closer to making it where you wanted to be by the end of the year. So… if […]

We dont need no stinking batches

Apologies to fans of the movie The Treasure of Sierra Madre, but Darren set me up so well, I just couldn’t resist. Note: The embedded YouTube viewer is annoying the often-annoying Internet Explorer, so you can see the video here instead. You see, Darren Rowse of Problogger, and Digital Photography School would argue that you […]

Operations and Details: Why you need a passion for crossing the T and dotting the I

One of the very few troubling things about living in a small town or a rural area is that sometimes, not all that often, but sometimes (yeah, I repeat myself), you find yourself “forced” to use a vendor that drives you crazy. Because of what appears to be a lack of passion about operations and […]

Productivity on a weekend!

Today’s guest post is about a couple of tools that I thought you might find handy. Slither over to David Seah’s blog and you’ll find 2 pretty handy tools to make you more productive: The Printable CEO Series and The Compact Calendar. photo credit: ericmcgregor As you might expect, I think the more planning and […]

Your blog can show your clients “How to”

Today’s guest post is from The Brain. No, not your brain, The Brain. photo credit: moujemouje The Brain is a software product that allows you to organize, relate and search info to other info. Typically, we’re talking about things that don’t make this easy – especially across media and thought processes. Showing your clients how […]