Profit is not the problem

photo credit: kenteegardin In Steve Denning’s Forbes commentary this week, he mentions a presentation made by author and Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen decrying U.S. business schools’ focus on numbers-above-all, saying the pursuit of profit is killing innovation and the US economy. The pursuit of profit is not the problem, nor is profit itself. What the always interesting […]

How to cut costs and eliminate waste in your business

photo credit: Koshyk Today’s guest post comes from the US Chamber of Commerce, where John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute offers a smart way to find and eliminate waste from any small business: Ask your staff. Simple, but effective. Check it out here.

Why your staff wants more profitable work to do

Consider the profitability of the work being done by each member of your staff. Are they making your business more profitable? Or are they doing non-critical work that a computer or service could do? Why not automate those often lame-but-necessary tasks? Why? Because you arenĂ¢??t getting it all done otherwise. Want proof? Call a vendor […]

Irony is spelled E-X-X-O-N

With Google and Yahoo sleeping together, it’s a rather busy day in the business newsroom. Despite that, this one just sticks out like your grandmother’s bunion toe. Exxon is leaving the retail gas business due to “challenging conditions” in the service station business. Hard to be a service station without SERVICE, isn’t it?