Take along your uglier brother

photo credit: freeparking In today’s guest post from TED, Dan Ariely talks about why we make decisions and how we are influenced. There are several pieces of this presentation that apply directly to traditional or online direct marketing of the stuff you do and sell, much less knowing a little more about what makes your […]

Do you paralyze them with choices?

photo credit: stu_spivack We’ve all been in barbeque places that revel in the fact that they have 100+ barbeque sauces for their customers to choose from. Have you ever looked closely at the bottles? In most of the places I’ve seen this, very few of the bottles appear to have been used. Opened perhaps, but […]

I rescued a human today

photo credit: Sugar Pond Several times – including in the recent direct mail posts – we’ve talked about having the right conversation with your client or prospect. About Robert Collier’s comment “Enter the conversation already taking place in the prospect’s mind”. About looking at your business from the other side of the counter, thinking of […]

Does your store or restaurant give people the urge to splurge?

Today’s guest post comes from what you might think is an unlikely source – Psychology Today. On the other hand, as many times as we’ve talked about Cialdini and your own mindset, maybe it isn’t a surprise. The Urge to Splurge – things to think about for retailers, restaurants, service businesses and others with public-facing […]

Why do prices end in .99?

Today’s guest post from the UK offers more insight on why prices with .99 work in the US and UK and why .88 works in Asia. There are long-standing rules of thumb that advise how to set prices, but the wise business owner knows to test everything, including pricing. The only results that count are […]