Effective press releases for small business

Days after a EF4 tornado tore up Central Arkansas and killed 15 people, this press release arrived in the local TV weather team’s inbox: Saying “enough with the tornado clean-up” to a media person in the area of a killer tornado in question is at best, someone being an inattentive and/or insensitive jerk. The media […]

Omaha! Omaha! Omaha!” – Who knows, but it can’t hurt”

Any number of claims will be made about this weekend’s Bronco victory in the AFC Championship game, but one stands out above the rest. “Sponsorship evaluation firm Front Row Analytics said the city of Omaha got its money worth with each verbal mention of Omaha worth the equivalent of $150,000 in advertising.” This claim, from […]

Golf Boys – The PGA’s First Boy Band. Not Kidding.

Unlike Farmers Insurance, the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) hasn’t really ever come off as an organization with a sense of humor, no matter how funny some of their members might be. While golf is full of decades-old (if not centuries-old) tradition and is traditionally thought of as a game for the well-heeled, it’s really about […]

Jim Koch’s Teachable Moment

photo credit: freeparking Yesterday, President Obama sat down in the White House Rose Garden to have a beer and a “teachable moment” with a couple of Cambridge residents and the VP. The only brewery CEO who managed to use the event for PR during that famous Rose Garden beer party – Jim Koch, the CEO […]

KFC Potholes Fix: Another example of using the news

In colder climates, it’s pothole season. As the weather warms, ice and snow thaws and “spring break up” begins. The ground creaks and ripples as some areas thaw faster than others, while others go through numerous freeze and thaw cycles until spring truly arrives. It begins for the roads too, as thawing ice breaks up […]

Is your marketing as clever as the Stimulus Prize Patrol’s?

Whether your politics allow you to appreciate the message in this video or not, you can’t help but admit that the parody is clever. Odd thing is, I’ll bet you’ve never seen a local business use their own “prize patrol” in any way, shape or form – even if prize delivery wasn’t the goal of […]

Happy Birthday, Barbie!

photo credit: Picklepud Anyone in the beauty / spa / cosmetics / girls / women’s products or similar businesses has a nice opportunity to feed off of the likely sizable public relations push surrounding the reveal of the 50th anniversary Barbie’s new face by Mattel. Yep – she’s getting a facelift (or something like that) […]

The folks at Axe Body Spray think like a guerrilla. Can you?

photo credit: piotrek plecke You’ve likely seen the catchy commercials for Axe products for men. Here’s an example of how they are always looking for the right opportunity. They could have staged the run. That would have cost thousands. This cost them a tshirt and a few moments with a camcorder. My guess is that […]

Don’t tick off the moms

Motrin learned this the hard way recently, with this ad on their site (note: it might disappear from YouTube): Want to see what happens when you say the wrong thing to moms? 5,700 hits (as of noon Monday Nov 17) on #motrinmoms, which is a tag for people blogging and tweeting on the subject – […]

If 7-11 can use the news, why can’t you?

Over the years, I’ve advised a number of businesses to use what’s currently going on in the news, sports (Super Bowl, World Series, Olympics) and politics as creative fuel for campaigns of this nature: http://www.7-election.com But few have the nerve to actually do so, particularly as well as this campaign (no pun intended) by 7-11 […]