The most expensive, most stressful thing on your desk

Nothing destroys a work day like distractions. Ever realize that it’s “suddenly” dinner time and all you remember doing since lunch is reading Facebook? That’ll show up nicely on a deposit slip. Hello, stress. Distractions are a product of your work environment, your work habits and how those two things are communicated to others. Your […]

Can you find the quality in this kitchen? It isn’t the bacon.

Photo credit: Chicago Serious Eats People send me bacon links and/or bacon photos on Facebook almost every day. I’m not sure what started it. You’d think they see me around town with a fistful of bacon all the time (they don’t, I rarely have any) but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Today, I found my own link […]

How many pennies would you sell your reputation for?

photo credit: James Jordan My wife’s birthday was this weekend, so as a last bit of her gift, our youngest son and I took her to one of her favorite restaurants in the Valley. As we sat down and caught up on junior’s just-finished semester at Pacific, the “so, what are you gonna order” discussion […]

Your clients have better things to do

While I never met Bruce Barrington, one of the reasons I really admire him is something he said long ago about the things that programming tools make you do when building a program. Bruce said: Anything you have to do every time shouldn’t have to be done at all. photo credit: babasteve Frankly, I think […]