Quality management’s slow ROI

We talk about numbers, metrics, & dashboards from time to time. One of the more difficult things to measure, much less manage, is quality. Is there a single measure? Some might suggest Net Promoter Score as an ideal single measure. NPS ranges from -100 to 100. It represents the willingness of a company’s customers to […]

Earning Return Business, part three

In the last year, we’ve¬†experienced the joy of moving.¬†Twice. Yes, twice on purpose. Apparently our lives are in such dire need of adventure that one move wasn’t enough. Census you asked Why do I bring up these moves? According to U.S. Census data from 2010, Americans move about 12 times in their lives – and […]

Perfect is the enemy of done – or is it?

A couple of weeks ago, NASA celebrated the one year anniversary of Curiosity Rover landing on Mars. As someone who has been taking pictures since the ’60s, I still find it amazing that we can tell a satellite orbiting Mars to take a picture of a Jeep-size spacecraft parachuting to its landing 62 million miles away […]

Can you find the quality in this kitchen? It isn’t the bacon.

Photo credit: Chicago Serious Eats People send me bacon links and/or bacon photos on Facebook almost every day. I’m not sure what started it. You’d think they see me around town with a fistful of bacon all the time (they don’t, I rarely have any) but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Today, I found my own link […]

The Seeds of Legendary

photo credit: flipkeat I was reading AJ Leon’s blog this morning and thought that sipping a cuppa joe in Shakespeare’s hometown while gnawing on a “legendary brownie” sounds pretty good. The term legendary struck me, as AJ probably meant it to. I don’t stumble across things of that quality every day, but I guess that’s […]

Taking Care

photo credit: h.koppdelaney One of the lessons my dad impressed on me when I was old enough to begin to “get it” (or so I thought) was “Be a good listener.” Naturally, the meaning of that phrase changed for me over the years. As a teenager, it had a rather obvious meaning, “Pay attention and […]

Never let a customer settle

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Some customers have enough confidence not to settle for poor treatment by a vendor. Others solve the problem by deciding never to come back. If a customer settles for something, it’s because the business they’re dealing with let them do so. The confusing thing about those businesses is that it takes just […]


My friend Leroy Schulz is a photographer, graphic artist, programmer, green car fanatic and mountain scrambler in Edmonton. One of the projects he uses to keep the creative juices flowing is his POTD (Photo of the Day). He takes at least one photo every day, no matter where he is or what’s going on. A […]

How many pennies would you sell your reputation for?

photo credit: James Jordan My wife’s birthday was this weekend, so as a last bit of her gift, our youngest son and I took her to one of her favorite restaurants in the Valley. As we sat down and caught up on junior’s just-finished semester at Pacific, the “so, what are you gonna order” discussion […]