Moving to where the jobs are

photo credit: Koshyk In today’s guest post from Forbes, an interactive map showing where people are moving to and from, county by county across the US. Thanks to @BeckyMcCray for sharing it with me.

Lost it all? Here’s how he came back

Today’s guest post is an interview with James Altucher, who had it all after selling his internet-based business. Shortly thereafter, he lost it all during the dot com bust in 2001-2002. The video above tells the story on what he did to turn his business fortunes around. He used software as a means, but the […]

How not to be a survivalist

photo credit: mikebaird I really try to avoid talking about survival. I avoid it because think it’s the wrong target. Focusing on “just surviving” places your business in a risky position. A bad month or a consecutive series of just two or three bad months can shift many businesses from a survival position to just-plain-closed. […]

Do you offer a recession anxiety warranty?

photo credit: Furryscaly Remember the outrageous 7/70 bumper-to-bumper warranty Chrysler introduced back in the early 1980s when they introduced K-cars? At the time, Chrysler’s quality problems were front and center reasons to avoid buying their cars. Likewise, major car manufacturers limited long-term warranty coverage to the engine and powertrain (ie: transmission, axles and such). Iacocca […]

Is it the recession or is it you?

photo credit: TheGiantVermin Normally I don’t do two guest posts in the same weekend from the same person, but Lisa Barone’s “It’s not the recession, you just suck” resonates with a number of things I’ve been passing along to you over the last few months. As such, I thought I’d let someone else in the […]

The new economics of entrepreneurship

photo credit: C.P.Storm Today’s guest post from Guy Kawasaki talks briefly about the current state of the economy and more importantly about the economics of starting your own business these days. Guy’s post offers more reasons why I keep pestering local folks to start their own business – *especially* if they are currently laid off.

Which of these four types of businesses do you own?

photo credit: Scott McKain, author of Collapse of Distinction, is also the author of today’s guest post, where he talks about the four different types of businesses as categorized by today’s economy. Which business is yours?

Are you dead weight in a “Man Overboard” Economy?

photo credit: Johnny Shaw What gets thrown overboard before a ship sinks? What gets thrown out of a plane that is struggling to stay in the air, or that appears to have less fuel than it needs to reach land? Answer: Dead weight. IE: Everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. If you’re an employee, what are […]

Inherit the earth, inhale the opportunity

photo credit: Steven Fernandez All around us, people are being laid off. The companies in (and near) my little town in rural, northwest Montana – have seen more than 800 layoffs. Thankfully (if there is a bright spot), not all of the 800 people laid off live here in our town of 4500 people – […]

The valuable assets your competition is giving away

photo credit: onohoku I‘ve always been amazed that a large company can lay off 20,000 or 30,000 workers and not fail soon after. These days, layoffs of 5,000 to 20,000 are regularly in the news. In January 2009, 241,749 people were laid off across the U.S. â?? and that likely only counts the firms large […]