George Bailey and Darwin on the economy

photo credit: s-a-m Jeane Vogel is an artist in St. Louis, a non-profit consultant and a long-time friend. Oh and now, a guest poster here at Business is Personal.  A few days ago, she wrote this gem entitled “George Bailey, meet Darwin“.  If you read only one thing this weekend, make it be this.

Thinking outside the box store

[audio:] photo credit: Derek Farr ( DetroitDerek ) Several of my friends are in the artist community, both here in Montana and elsewhere. Many of them are photographers like you’d suspect, but some paint. I don’t really look at myself as an artist even though I’ve been a photographer in one form or another since […]

That just wont work for my business

The majority of folks are great at finding a multitude of reasons why a particular technique or strategy simply won’t work in their business. A convenient excuse these days is “Well, the market is down” or “Business is slow”. Really? Isn’t that the time to step up and out and as Perry Marshall says, “lean […]