What Jack said.

photo credit: Steve Snodgrass Recently, I’ve been having an ongoing discussion with a business owner who is finding cracks in their business. A lot of what we’ve been talking about is foundational. Not because the business owner isn’t smart, but because it makes no sense to talk about the complexities of a bottom of the […]

Lost it all? Here’s how he came back

Today’s guest post is an interview with James Altucher, who had it all after selling his internet-based business. Shortly thereafter, he lost it all during the dot com bust in 2001-2002. The video above tells the story on what he did to turn his business fortunes around. He used software as a means, but the […]

Revitalizing your business

photo credit: Untitled blue Today’s guest post comes from the folks over at BlackCoffee.com, and talks in some detail about what they call “Brand Revitalization”. It’s an important read not only if you want to revitalize your brand, but if you want to keep it from getting stale in the first place. As we often […]

Insulating yourself from disaster

Late last week, a friend of mine’s website exploded. More accurately, his webhost’s electrical room exploded and caught fire and took down NINE THOUSAND servers with it. Because my friend knows these things happen, he was well prepared for it. He had backups in place. He had an alternate server in place and in more […]