Would your employees recommend your company?

While listening to recruiter Bob Beaudine‘s Entreleadership podcast this week, some comments he made about recruiting and networking suddenly mixed themselves together. When your company is looking for new people to fill positions, do your employees recommend your company to their friends and family? While such recruiting would be dependent on whether or not your […]

Hiring Millennials

Are you hiring Millennials? How’s that going? Some people love them, some do little more than complain about them and their penchant for selfies. The oft-parroted “party line” is that Millennials are entitled slackers with no work ethic who don’t take initiative, aren’t responsible, etc. Meanwhile, many employers¬†say¬†“We can’t find qualified people who want to […]

5 sources of innovation

photo credit: cmaccubbin Amid the turkey sandwiches and (making it right now) turkey pot pie, I’m also serving up a guest post about innovation. You may not be aware that Google “gives” their employees “20% time“. 20% time is effectively 1 day a week to work on the pet projects, things of interest or just […]