Consistency drives word of mouth business

Last week, my wife and I went to a place we’d been looking forward to for some time. ¬†Our 31st wedding anniversary dinner was the perfect occasion to try a new (to us) place, so we went to a local Cajun restaurant whose entree price ranking is $$ and name includes “Orleans”. Long time readers […]

A business problem, not a water problem

Photo credit: Michael Hyatt When book publisher Michael Hyatt posted this image saying “When you read this at Panera, you know your city has a water problem”, it struck me as a business problem. Sure, the city might have a problem, but that shouldn’t be your customers’ problem. Every day, we must adapt to the […]

Arriving late?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Today’s guest post is for those business owners arriving late at the “social media party”. For those making an entrance, business-wise, here’s a nice social media startup guide from the NYTimes’ “You’re The Boss” blog. It talks about restaurants specifically, but the advice is sound regardless of what your business does. As […]

How many pennies would you sell your reputation for?

photo credit: James Jordan My wife’s birthday was this weekend, so as a last bit of her gift, our youngest son and I took her to one of her favorite restaurants in the Valley. As we sat down and caught up on junior’s just-finished semester at Pacific, the “so, what are you gonna order” discussion […]

Help your customers become better buyers

photo credit: kevindooley Better, more knowledgeable buyers tend to spend more, but they often need help doing so. Who hasn’t looked at a restaurant wine list, and then thought it’d be nice to have the Wine Spectator articles (or a similar resource) on those 2 or 3 bottles you’re trying to choose between? Until recently, […]

Do you complete the process?

photo credit: williamcho I like that Amazon lets me prod a publisher into Kindle-ing a book. The only problem with starting a process like the “request this book on Kindle” thing is that many businesses fail to finish what they started. For example, does Amazon notify me when the Kindle version becomes available and email […]

100 things waiters, real estate agents and mechanics should never do, Part 2

photo credit: paintMonkey Yesterday, we went over the first 50 items on the NY Times’ “100 things restaurant staffers should never do”, and mentioned a few other folks that might also use those things even if they don’t own a restaurant. Today, the NYT published the next 50, and once again – they might be […]

100 things waiters, real estate agents and mechanics should never do, Part 1

photo credit: goldsardine If you don’t own a restaurant, the temptation might be to turn the page and blow past part one of the NY Times’ “100 things restaurant staffers should never do” story. Or maybe you’d read it like a diner, thinking “Yeah, #2, 13 and 34 really annoy me”. Don’t waste it like […]

How are you getting them back into the fold?

photo credit: Blyzz A number of vendors that I used to do business with waste my time and theirs with their lame, cookie cutter attempts to get me to renew a subscription, update my software or renew some other sort of thing I use to have. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that […]

Don’t miss a chance to connect

photo credit: seanmcgrath Today’s guest post from Jeff over at has great timing, as I’ve discussed this very topic with two different clients in the last two days. I love it when I can find someone else to do the nagging for me (as he laughs maniacally). Seriously, Jeff’s talking about making sure that […]