Try Norma’s Chowder

photo credit: Ron Diggity The night before junior’s college registration, we decided to hit the beach in the evening and while there, get some dinner. We’d been on the road all day and probably had a little white line fever, so a nice, relaxing sit-down dinner was just what the doctor ordered. We wandered all over downtown […]

Mining shoeboxes for customers

photo credit: ToOliver2 In these days of oil spills and mine disasters, it might seem a little off-base to ask about mining, but I think you need to become an expert at it – and do it regularly. It’s a critical skill if you’re concerned about keeping your business pump primed with new and returning […]

I’ll have a soft taco phone, please

photo credit: Sunfox Over the last year or so, signs have popped up all over the place in businesses (even in drive-up windows) asking that customers finish cell phone conversations before doing business or stepping up to the counter. Some are worded better than others, but this one spied last week in Taco Del Sol […]

Does that romantic iPod Touch make you swoon?

photo credit: Claudia Snell In a recent email, Apple Corp positions the iPod Touch as just the right personal, possibly romantic touch on Valentine’s Day.  While they apparently never heard of “never buy a lady something that plugs in” as a holiday gift, they’re trying to span the chasm between romance and something that plugs […]

Does your store or restaurant give people the urge to splurge?

Today’s guest post comes from what you might think is an unlikely source – Psychology Today. On the other hand, as many times as we’ve talked about Cialdini and your own mindset, maybe it isn’t a surprise. The Urge to Splurge – things to think about for retailers, restaurants, service businesses and others with public-facing […]