Billboards and plumber’s pants

photo credit: psyberartist Drive around long enough and you’ll see a billboard that says “If you’re looking, it’s working”. I see the same slogan on electronic advertising displays, which can be found everywhere from restaurant restrooms and gyms to billboards. Is it “working” when you accidentally glance at the back of a plumber’s pants when […]

Talking big, doing big

photo credit: Sam Judson This post about goals at 37 Signals is chock full-o-gold. Make note of the attitude shift that this post provokes, particularly the paragraph that starts “Hey, if IĆ¢??m going to stand on the podium of Le Mans…” See how the sentence that talks about the future of 37 Signals changes EVERYTHING? […]

Bad apples make you taller, thinner and better looking (until Dec 1 2009)

photo credit: rick One of the things I’ve always counseled you to use in your marketing is testimonials: carefully chosen things your customers have said about their experiences using your products and services. On Dec 1 2009, that changes a bit. In some ways, it’s a good thing. It’ll make almost all those lame infomercials […]