Constraint and risk avoidance

How do you manage constraints and risks? The two¬†significantly impact your company’s ability to stay alive, much less grow. Constraints appear in many different forms: people, equipment, capital, cash flow and mental bandwidth are just a few. “Being constrained by hardware actually makes it impossible to do the things that you want to do as […]

Uncertainty and Starships

Today’s uncertainty has a tendency to freeze people’s behavior. It makes us forget, even momentarily, that doing nothing or continuing to do the same old thing may be more risky than doing that next big thing on their strategic plan. That doesn’t mean you have to take giant expensive steps like people did in 1999-2000 […]

Risk, Breakthroughs and the Torrent of Change

photo credit: elevatorlady Today’s guest post from Tom Asacker continues a theme from yesterday. Taking yourself seriously…or as Tom writes doing what risks everything. Read Tom’s post about risking it all. How are you risking it all?

Abolish risk

photo credit: moonjazz Or at least, minimize/manage it. Today’s guest post from Everett Bogue (posted over at Julien’s place) is a nice little wake up call if you’ve been thinking about making changes in your life (or lifestyle). One of the biggest things about taking the big step you know you need to take is […]