Selling to everyone

Selling isn’t about the shine; it’s about what happens when the shine has worn off. Will your (or your clients’)┬ámanagement will think positively of you a year from now because of an investment you championed? They’d better. Sales calls: How they react What’s your reaction when a salesperson calls? Are there any salespeople who stand […]

Billboards and plumber’s pants

photo credit: psyberartist Drive around long enough and you’ll see a billboard that says “If you’re looking, it’s working”. I see the same slogan on electronic advertising displays, which can be found everywhere from restaurant restrooms and gyms to billboards. Is it “working” when you accidentally glance at the back of a plumber’s pants when […]

Creating the slot machine that never loses

photo credit: dlr2008 I‘ve had a survey going on the site here for a while. It asks “What’s your biggest marketing challenge?” 25% of respondents have said “Making time to do the marketing”. That tells me that those folks still aren’t tracking the response they get to their marketing. Why? If your marketing has been […]

You and the NY Times, bucking for change of another kind

From the Oct 28, 2008 issue of the New York Times, an excerpt from the column “The Media Equation”: Stop and think about where you are reading this column. If you are one of the million or so people who are reading it in a newspaper that landed on your doorstop or that you picked […]

Olympic ads: Measurable ROI = $0?

As we’ve discussed here before, unmeasurable advertising is useless. But don’t feel like you have to believe me. In today’s guest post, read why Denny Hatch also doesn’t think much of traditional entertaining TV ads. As we’ve discussed here before, awards and cuteness aren’t the goal of your marketing. Results is the only real measure […]

Direct Mail Mistakes That Cost You Money

Several of my clients use direct mail for the obvious reasons – it works. Like a chainsaw in the hands of the skilled artisan, the results can be amazing. Or they can be downright awful. Common mistakes people make when using direct mail: Talking about the wrong thing Not knowing your numbers Making assumptions Not […]