Why clients don’t take your advice

photo credit: digitalART2 One of the groups of software folks I work with has wisely decided not to support Windows Vista. Vista was released in November 2006 and while old, it’s not quite half the age of the now-prehistoric Windows XP released in October 2001. Yet plenty of people still use both. So why is it […]

Loose lips raise communities

It’s Saturday morning, so the ritual of before-anyone-else-rises reading, writing and coffee is, as no one ever really says to anyone else, “on like Donkey Kong”. After closing out a couple of chapters and heading to the laptop to write, I happen to see a piece in the news about a local who is heading […]

10 Clients You’ll Dream About

photo credit: VinothChandar Business adviser and author Chet Holmes uses a strategy called “The Dream 100” to identify the 100 prospects he would most like to obtain as clients. He then puts strategies and actions into place to do so. Think about your market. It might be tough to come up with 100 â??bestâ? clients […]

Make an offer that makes sense

photo credit: gagilas Yesterday, an email from WinZip arrived in my inbox. I’ve used and liked WinZip for at least a decade. Not many pieces of software can make that claim. Lately, they’ve been emailing me pretty frequently. This particular email offered a free copy of the latest WinZip if I used their affiliate link to […]

A desk calendar, a yellow pad and a pen

photo credit: Anonymous Account A few weeks ago, I mentioned that there were some “numbers you might care about“. Examples we talked about included figuring out the costs to obtain both a new prospect/lead and a new customer. In prior discussions, I’ve also suggested that you need to be thanking your customers, following up with […]

Learning from Angry Birds

What have you learned from the Angry Birds – other than how to burn up a ton of time? Having a (if not the) best selling game glued to the top of the iPhone AppStore charts has made Rovio a household name among smartphone users. But what have they done that you can learn from? […]

Poisoning Your Customers

photo credit: the half-blood prince Last week a Flathead Beacon reader sent me a nice note about a column that he liked, and while doing so, posed a question. He said “One thing I am dying to read from you, is how do you get rid of a pain in the butt client — or […]

Easy like Sunday morning

First the iTunes store. Now the Mac App Store doubles Evernote’s hourly rate of new user signups. How many times does the forehead need slapping before it’s obvious that making it easy to buy is what it’s all about? Make it easy to buy. Make it easy to buy. Make it easy to buy.

Grow for your customers

photo credit: andrewasmith Recently, we were talking about making it easy to buy a TV, but this stuff isn’t just about TVs. Merchandising is both an art and a science. Big business invests millions studying it and testing what works and what doesn’t. You should pay attention to it as well to the extent that […]

Predictably Creating Value

photo credit: nagillum As I read the story about the success of logger James Stupack’s new business, it struck a chord with me. I was quite pleased to hear of his creativity and stick-to-it attitude. It’s easy to give up. He didn’t. He added value. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to folks locally […]