Does your store or restaurant give people the urge to splurge?

Today’s guest post comes from what you might think is an unlikely source – Psychology Today. On the other hand, as many times as we’ve talked about Cialdini and your own mindset, maybe it isn’t a surprise. The Urge to Splurge – things to think about for retailers, restaurants, service businesses and others with public-facing […]

The last deviled egg

Ever notice how deviled eggs disappear at a potluck dinner? Doesn’t seem to matter how many there are – they just disappear. And if there’s just one left, people can’t let it be. Someone just has to run off with it. Despite the apparent popularity, I’ve never seen them on a restaurant menu. I have […]

Would you buy $34MM for $5MM?

One of the industry-specific discussion groups that I belong to was recently discussing a $5 million fee (for three years of effort) paid in exchange for bringing $34 million worth of value to an organization. Just so there’s no mistaking the result: we’re talking about the receipt of $34 million dollars in funds. Oddly enough, […]

The value of follow up

Previously, we’ve talked about how my old software company did every-30-day follow ups with clients and why it was so valuable. If nothing else, it made up for things that we maybe didn’t do so well. When I have conversations with business owners about following up, it often comes up that these things are a […]

Two simple keys to easy revenue and better service

Upsell and follow up. Simple, right?  You already know this. But are you actually doing it? Two of the easiest things to do to increase sales without spending even a dime to chase new customers, something you shouldn’t need to do if you are doing things right, are asking for the upsell and following up. […]

Don’t make it hard for people to give you money

Emergencies of all forms seem to come at the worst possible times. How your business manages day to day transactions quite often makes the emergency worse for your clients. Bear with me, this story – and the lesson that goes with it – requires a bit of background discussion. Last week was crazy for me. […]

Do you send the wrong unspoken messages to clients?

What message do you send to clients when you have a live sales chat feature on your website, but no live support chat? It says to me that I am not as important after the sale as I am before the sale, which is exactly how I felt today when visiting a website whose service […]