Why the tourist drove past your business

Photo credit: AP You’ve probably seen this AP image contrasting the crowds at St. Peter’s in Rome over the last eight years. The first photo was taken by Luca Bruno in 2005 during preparations for the public viewing of Pope John Paul II’s body – almost two years before the iPhone was first announced. The […]

22 things you dont know about your customers’ web viewing habits

photo credit: Gret@Lorenz Today’s guest post is from Ian over at Conversation Marketing and talks about little things you need to know about the folks who visit your site. These kinds of things hit close to home here at Business is Personal. Little tweaks make a big difference. What are 22 things (at least) that […]

Taking the kids – and your website – on a long road trip

Today’s guest post is from Jill Whelan of HighRankings.com. Jill describes a nice parallel between the preparation necessary for taking the kids on a long road trip (vs having them cry) and the symptoms your website uses to tell you what a crying child is trying to tell you. It’s a good read, go check […]