What premier service do they reach for?

How do you keep your clients excited and/or interested in your company? This shouldn’t be any problem doing this for your highest-value clients as I expect you already have premier programs and services for them. I’m talking about your newest clients, as well as those who have been around a while but haven’t yet “made it […]

First impressions: Driven by mastery

Most likely you’ve heard the saying “A poor artisan blames their tools.” Despite the ROI of blame being zero (at best), this situation goes well beyond blame. When you blame the tool, at least two situations can pop up: Your current tools don’t produce the kind of benefits / outcome / work you need (even […]

Stop worrying about your commissions

photo credit: 401(K) 2013 Recently I was doing a little business with a large Microsoft distributor – a sale that required a license agreement. Initially, the deal couldn’t be finalized because I use a PO Box for my business address. Trouble is, they “don’t allow” license agreements with a business that uses a PO Box. […]

Taking Care

photo credit: h.koppdelaney One of the lessons my dad impressed on me when I was old enough to begin to “get it” (or so I thought) was “Be a good listener.” Naturally, the meaning of that phrase changed for me over the years. As a teenager, it had a rather obvious meaning, “Pay attention and […]

The Difference

photo credit: A. Strakey Ever considered “The Difference” businesses sometimes create between different types of customers in the same market? It’s the difference between “them” and “the other them”. Let me back up a bit and set a little context. On numerous occasions, I’ve urged you to add premium services to your product and services […]

Notify, notify, notify

photo credit: jesse.millan One of the reasons that smart phones are so popular is that they provide a much better means of getting notified about any number of events, appointments and so on. Your customers’ desire – if not need – to be notified is a critical aspect of your customer service planning. In fact, […]

What to do if you have too many customers

photo credit: powerbooktrance It must be all those trees we have. They’re so full of customers that businesses just don’t need any more. As you know, I strongly encourage folks to buy local. The flip side of that is that locals have to EARN the business. Not just because you’re here, but because you kick […]

Stunningly reasonable, efficient, and customer-oriented service

photo credit: FreeWine In four minutes. On a Sunday morning. Something like that can be hard to find these days, but that’s exactly what Chris Matyszczy found when he contacted Amazon recently. Sunday morning aside, is your staff providing 9am Monday morning service all week long? Even at 4:45pm on a Friday? Think about this […]

What is reasonable?

photo credit: TheGiantVermin Good question. The answer? Depends on who answers the question. Slide over to Scott McKain’s blog for one company’s answer. Hey, you’re back. To give AT&T a little bit of credit, you have to admit that trying to predict what was going to happen (and plan infrastructure) for the iPhone release was […]

Little things sell big things

Earlier this week, we talked about how a little thing like the delivery of a sippy cup at the end of a long, hot weekend could change an entire restaurant experience. Two recent adventures further illustrate how little things could make a difference. Unfortunately, they involve those gasoline-powered devices / vehicles that so love to […]