Help Them Buy Better

photo credit: bjaglin A few days ago, Seth Godin asked why ethical marketers wouldn’t be “eager to have aggressive, clear and well-defined regulations” (about marketing). He set the context by talking about the lies used to sell sunscreen, noting that lobbyists kindly helped the FDA water down proposed sunscreen regulations. To quote Seth: Why aren’t […]

Ditch Diggers and Self-Starters

As much as Seth’s oft-hypocritical blog annoys me (a no-comments blog from a guy who preaches interaction?), his post on the need for external motivation is worth pointing your way: Self-starters matter. I’m not saying that non-self-starters don’t matter and I’d never assert that motivational tools, speakers, reading and the like aren’t of value – […]

What’s your art?

I was finishing up Seth Godin’s Linchpin this weekend while camping in Plains for a swim meet and thought this was worthy of sharing. Like others have said, there’s a lot in Linchpin that is common knowledge/attitude to “smart people” and while it resonates with how I feel about business and opportunity (likewise, Dan Kennedy […]

Free, Seth, Malcolm and Reinvention

photo credit: wilhei55 If you haven’t gotten a free copy of Chris Anderson’s Free by now, you didn’t try hard enough. The free ebook versions were pulled off the net recently, but a little Googling will still reward you if you look at the publisher’s site. Likewise, the free audiobook version of Free is still […]

Why Seth buys from Joel

Today’ s guest post is once again from Seth Godin. I’ll warn you, the video is a tad more than an hour long. If you don’t have an hour to “get” this stuff, you don’t really care much about your business. Maybe you don’t need the entire hour. That’s OK (and if so, you’ll probably […]

Keeping score is important for your business

photo credit: Looking Glass If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll have read a few posts about the value of measurement. Measuring marketing response is the primary thing you’ll find, but as a CFO friend of mine says, “That which is measured will be managed”. Seth starts off talking about the green marketing […]

Is your business in the gap between passionate and mainstream?

Today’s guest post is from Seth Godin. Earlier this week Seth was talking about the choice businesses must make when deciding what market they are going to serve: a passionate group or a mainstream one. photo credit: sherseydc Are you the local cafe that serves coffee, or are you the best place to get the […]

How to serve mail order coffee while wearing your e-commerce marketing hat

I ordered some coffee beans online the other day and received the box on Saturday. Or maybe Friday – dunno since I didn’t check the mail on Friday. The box arrived in good condition and the beans were packed in their airtight bag with a nice spring-y colored tissue paper. So much nicer than those […]