What would they do to put you out of business?

When I asked “What would they do to put you out of business?“, you probably wondered who “they” are. “They” might be someone whose expertise in another market tells them yours is ripe for the taking. “They” might be a competitor you already have, or someone new to the market who doesn’t know any better. […]

Desperate for business?

Recently, I drove past a local shop advertising everything they sell at 50% off. While I don’t like to assume, it’s hard not to wonder if such a radical price cut is anything else but a desperate move to make sales that aren’t happening for the “normal” reasons. When an owner is desperate for business, (at […]

Hooters, standards and politics

No matter how you feel about Hooters restaurants, it’s clear that at least one of them doesn’t appreciate the behavior that San Diego’s mayor is accused of. While I think it’s a smart use of the news – particularly in Filner’s San Diego, it will be interesting to see how their customers react. What do […]

Can you find the quality in this kitchen? It isn’t the bacon.

Photo credit: Chicago Serious Eats People send me bacon links and/or bacon photos on Facebook almost every day. I’m not sure what started it. You’d think they see me around town with a fistful of bacon all the time (they don’t, I rarely have any) but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Today, I found my own link […]

Try Norma’s Chowder

photo credit: Ron Diggity The night before junior’s college registration, we decided to hit the beach in the evening and while there, get some dinner. We’d been on the road all day and probably had a little white line fever, so a nice, relaxing sit-down dinner was just what the doctor ordered. We wandered all over downtown […]

What is reasonable?

photo credit: TheGiantVermin Good question. The answer? Depends on who answers the question. Slide over to Scott McKain’s blog for one company’s answer. Hey, you’re back. To give AT&T a little bit of credit, you have to admit that trying to predict what was going to happen (and plan infrastructure) for the iPhone release was […]

The wisdom of setting expectations from a 17 year old bacon lover

photo credit: miss_rogue Last week I was at summer camp with the Scout troop so things were a bit quiet here. Normally I would have posted a series of posts written in advance, but I thought both of us needed a break. Break time is over, so let’s get back at it. As always, there […]