Do at least one thing today

photo credit: notsogoodphotography If you subscribe to my email newsletter, you know that I close most of the emails with “Do at least one thing today to get, or keep, a client.” It’s as simple as it sounds…but do you do it? Even if you can only spare 15 minutes, spend it every day doing […]

Making it personal at BusyMac

If you live in Northwest Montana, you know that one of the things we “cling to” is high school sports. I live in Columbia Falls, a town of about 4500 people. Our arch rival is Whitefish, a town of about 6000 people. While our towns are changing, Columbia Falls has historically been the blue collar […]

Little things lend quality to a welcome

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Last weekend, we took a trip to Oregon to get our youngest son registered for fall classes at Pacific U. During the lonnnng drive (it’s about 10 hours each way) from Montana past Portland, a few things about processes brought me back to our talk about QuickBooks and my own process improvement […]

15 seconds: The difference between so-so and …

photo credit: maessive Today is about setting expectations. When you go into a doctor’s office, most people figure they’ll wait 10-15 minutes whether it makes any sense or not. If that doctor’s office happens to be an OBGYN, you can reasonably expect that it might be 10 minutes or 3 hours, which goes with the […]

How do you keep up?

photo credit: fazen How do you keep up? I was speaking to a group of small business owners the other day about websites and (to their surprise) mobile technology and how it should affect their internet strategy – or at least, provoke them to have one. After (probably) scaring them a bit, that was the last […]

22 things you dont know about your customers’ web viewing habits

photo credit: Gret@Lorenz Today’s guest post is from Ian over at Conversation Marketing and talks about little things you need to know about the folks who visit your site. These kinds of things hit close to home here at Business is Personal. Little tweaks make a big difference. What are 22 things (at least) that […]

Is your business ready to boil?

Sometimes the edge between success and floundering is quite small. At 211 degrees F, water doesn’t boil at sea level. At 212 degrees F, it does. It’s that way in business as well. By now, you’ve heard the story about the Nobel Peace prize winner Muhammad Yunus, a former economics professor in Bangladesh. He provided […]