The single most painful lesson software companies learn

photo credit: Tim & Selena Middleton The most painful conversations I have with small software business owners are about marketing. One of the more common ones relate how another company “stole” their business with “more aggressive” marketing. The victim of this “theft” blames it on someone else’s marketing despite watching it happen right in front […]

What would happen if yours was perfect?

photo credit: ruurmo If your software business was â??perfectâ?, what would it look like? What do I mean? Here are a few ideas to get you startedâ?¦ Whatâ??s your product line look like? What services do you offer? How big (or little) is your staff? What benefits do you offer? How much vacation do you […]

Did You Know…That You Should Follow Up?

photo credit: antaean If you look at the path a prospect follows on the way to becoming a customer and then, at their path as a new customer; youâ??ll see plenty of places where it would be valuable for them to receive an occasional tap on the shoulder. With that tap comes just a little […]

Service before the no-sale

This is what can happen when a legitimate customer hits an artificial wall within your business. It’s made worse when customer service is setup to fail. Clearly the service person has no power to do anything positive to seal the deal and help / retain this customer. The guy is standing there with money in […]

Setting Expectations

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Publishing an about page as a guest post does not mean I’m desperately short of guest posts (nowhere near, actually). I’d like you to read a most un-software-company-like about page from a software company. Any guess what their USP is? Any guess what expectations you should have about their software and doing […]

Startups, Apollo and head bobbing

photo credit: jurvetson This piece by Paul Graham talks about a survey of startup founders, but it reminds me very much of my software company days. Too much, perhaps. It may not describe the business you’re in – since it’s mostly talking about software businesses – but the attitude, expectations, “reason why” and much more […]

Yeah. It’s software again.

photo credit: {dpade1337} Once again, I’ve somehow managed to find myself lured back into the software business. More on that in the future, as I’ll likely use what happens there as fodder for “This is how/why I always advised that this should be done” (and perhaps, “should not be done”) posts. As such, here’s a […]