Are you going out of business…intentionally?

Last week, I wrote about the most expensive minute of your life. This slideshow should provoke a similar discussion. How does it make you feel about what you’re doing now?

What makes an entrepreneur tick?

Lots of nuggets here for small business owners in this panel video from Stanford Business. There isn’t much need to watch this, but certainly worth a listen for you as well as perhaps family members, managers and yes, even your line employees. I like the diversity of the panel, from a guy who quit high […]

Pay attention to the smallest things

[blackbirdpie url=”″] I had an experience at our Scout meeting this past week that reminded me once again that the smallest things can really change someone’s experience or perception of your business. A young Scout took me aside near the end of our meeting and asked me to tell one of our older boys not […]

Opening eyes with a slider

photo credit: NY Times and GeoEye I spend a lot of time working with/talking with programmers. If you spend time discussing software, websites, or life in general with them, you might get the idea that they are serial complainers. While a few might live up to that, a substantial part of a programmer’s work is […]

Service before the no-sale

This is what can happen when a legitimate customer hits an artificial wall within your business. It’s made worse when customer service is setup to fail. Clearly the service person has no power to do anything positive to seal the deal and help / retain this customer. The guy is standing there with money in […]

Ignore customers at your peril

photo credit: WTL photos On a recent 737-based flight, I got to tinker with Delta Airlines’ updated seat back video system, which includes TV, movies, games, flight information and music. I was impressed when the first prompt that came up was for a language. Impressed because it showed that they were thinking about all of […]

How to provoke a sea change

Seldom do I ask you to read extensive articles about large corporations. Usually, those corporations are the ones giving me blog post seedlings through their often inane behavior.  Today is no different, but the behavior is. Our guest post today comes from Wired Magazine, which talks about the impact of Ray Ozzie and his vision […]

Building a Better Mousetrap

Younger readers of Business is Personal might not remember this old Tareyton cigarette ad, but it reminds me of one of the hardest sales jobs around: Selling a “Me Too” product. A “Me Too product” is a replacement product for one already on the market and (presumably) successful. I say “presumably” because you really don’t […]

Green is about saving money – and your business

Earlier this year, Safeway “went green” with their entire fleet of trucks. Way back in January, this seemed like a good idea with a decent ROI (return on investment). photo credit: mattieb Given the increase in fuel prices in the last 2 weeks – I suspect they are thrilled with the decision now, a mere […]

Your blog can show your clients “How to”

Today’s guest post is from The Brain. No, not your brain, The Brain. photo credit: moujemouje The Brain is a software product that allows you to organize, relate and search info to other info. Typically, we’re talking about things that don’t make this easy – especially across media and thought processes. Showing your clients how […]