One guy and 12 minutes to a lifelong customer @SouthwestAir

photo credit: kevindooley Not long ago, a little boy was murdered. Soon after, his grandpa was traveling to see his little 3 year old grandson one last time. He was running for the plane, desperately late despite getting to the airport several hours before departure. After two hours of standing in line, pleading with TSA […]

Leverage your strengths

Today’s guest post is from Freight Dawg (gotta like that name), who writes about Southwest Airlines’ free baggage policy. An additional thought to take away from this: Leverage your strengths. Home run hitters don’t work on their pitching. They work on their hitting.

Earl Nightingale would be proud

In a regular air travel column in Conde Nast’s Portfolio called “2B” (referring to a first class seat, whatever that is these days), the column’s author talks about Southwest airlines non-standard (for the airline industry) behavior. Decades ago, Earl Nightingale said something along the lines of “If you enter a market and don’t know what […]