Where does new business hide?

In every town, there’s a place where new business hides. If you can’t find its hiding place, your business is likely to struggle. Most of the time, that struggle is rooted in the inability to dependably produce predictable, month to month revenue. Without predictable month to month revenue, businesses close, scale down or at the […]

Doing ahead, not just thinking ahead

Quite often, I talk with business owners about thinking ahead. Something that happened yesterday tells me that I need to change my terminology to “Doing ahead.” Why the change? Primarily, I’m concerned that small businesses are thinking ahead, but stopping there. Thinking ahead discussions often include strategic thoughts of putting yourself out of business by […]

Are you going out of business…intentionally?

Last week, I wrote about the most expensive minute of your life. This slideshow should provoke a similar discussion. How does it make you feel about what you’re doing now?

How to do strategic business planning that actually matters

photo credit: Evil Erin Go ahead, admit it – if it fits. Your business plan doesn’t really reflect your real business. You may not even use it. Ask yourself these questions: “Do you use it to run your business day to day?” “Does it bear any resemblance to what really happens at your business?” “Did […]

What isn’t Amazon going to change?

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography During Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) November re:Invent conference, there were a number of interesting talks. Psst…Don’t run away, not-interested-in-technology folks, this is barely about tech if you look closely. I got the most out of the sessions centered around the strategic design decisions that Amazon.com (an AWS customer) and other […]

Starting A New Business : Part 4 – Profit is not Salary

photo credit: Instant Vantage Treating profit as salary is a common error for new businesses. It’s unusual for new owners to start by thinking their business through to the “end game” or to its ideal place. While some plan with an exit strategy in mind, there’s more to business than “do something, grow fast, get […]

What’s Inside Your Stocking?

photo credit: makelessnoise Every year, in fact – every month, I have some formal “airplane time” set aside for putting thought into where my business is, where it’s going and what adjustments it needs to zig-zag its way to where it belongs. Ultimately all of that relates to where it leads you, how it changes […]

Three Quarters

photo credit: chrisdlugosz Seventy-five percent of the calendar year is behind you. Can the same be said for the year’s goals, income expectations, etc? Will you wait until the end of the year to plan your next 6-12-18 months or are you doing it now? How often do you review the results of your work? […]

What would happen if yours was perfect?

photo credit: ruurmo If your software business was â??perfectâ?, what would it look like? What do I mean? Here are a few ideas to get you startedâ?¦ Whatâ??s your product line look like? What services do you offer? How big (or little) is your staff? What benefits do you offer? How much vacation do you […]

Not a nerd? Not a problem.

photo credit: f_mafra If you’ve been reading what’s going on in the economy, it seems like a fair percentage of the new jobs that are still out there are going to technical people. Even today in Silicon Valley, the number of applicants in the job pool for a specific skill are roughly equal to the […]