Uncertainty and Starships

Today’s uncertainty has a tendency to freeze people’s behavior. It makes us forget, even momentarily, that doing nothing or continuing to do the same old thing may be more risky than doing that next big thing on their strategic plan. That doesn’t mean you have to take giant expensive steps like people did in 1999-2000 […]

Put away the white shoes

photo credit: kikfoto Back in my grandmother’s day, the day after Labor Day meant “Put away the white shoes.” These days, we may not be quite so beholden to old school wardrobe rules, but we still tend to let a Roman emperor’s calendar decide when our business is going to take action. With the exception […]

Borders and homemade apple pie

photo credit: See-ming Lee æ?æ?æ?? SML Recently, Borders book stores reported that they were closing their remaining 399 stores, including our local store here in Kalispell, Montana. The store has about three months, enough time to liquidate their existing stock. Survival of the fittest demands that some prosper, some get by and some die. Borders was […]

One way to create sustainable jobs

photo credit: Bas Lammers Recently, the Flathead Beacon published a story about a global tech-oriented business that continues to grow right here in rural Montana. This business started from scratch and achieved critical mass… Without tax breaks that often encourage unsustainable business models. Without specially crafted laws that treat their industry or part of their […]

If I owned a fitness center

photo credit: sarahsampsel In the process of elliptical-ing across some wide open (virtual) spaces recently, I thought to myself, “What would I change if I owned this place?” I might warm up the pool a couple of degrees, but that really isn’t the kind of change I meant. The things that came to mind were […]

Transparency. Real transparency.

Hildy and Dimitri’s efforts have always been pretty transparent. But a few months ago, they made a big decision to basically reboot their entire business. Many business owners have done that. But not like this. Instead of doing it all in the cones of silence, they decided that every step of the way, they would […]

Empowerment and the Silent Cell Phone

1926 Ford Model T photo: digitizedchaos Henry Ford, despite his success with the assembly line at Ford Motor Company, made a mistake that many business owners still make today. He didn’t delegate. Most business owners delegate at least a little. Not Ford. According to Peter Drucker, the senior Ford didn’t believe in delegation or floor […]

Don’t Listen to these Creativity Killers

photo credit: epSos.de I‘ve been reading John Maxwell’s “How Successful People Think” recently. This list of creativity killing comments from John’s book reminded me of so many things going on in the world these days that I simply had to make it a guest post. How many times have you heard these comments when you shared […]

Be indispensable

Are you indispensable to your customers? The question that you have to ask yourself – daily, rather than once – is “What can you do to make yourself indispensable to your customers?” A few examples to get the juices flowing: If you sell coffee, how can you help your customers wade through the coffee buzzword […]

Being Prepared

photo credit: joiseyshowaa One of the things Scoutmasters teach their Scouts is the Scout motto – “Be Prepared.” We don’t stand around saying those words all that much (or ever, really). When I ask a Scout what it means to them, I get a lot of different answers. I talk about it with the boys […]