Risk, Breakthroughs and the Torrent of Change

photo credit: elevatorlady Today’s guest post from Tom Asacker continues a theme from yesterday. Taking yourself seriously…or as Tom writes doing what risks everything. Read Tom’s post about risking it all. How are you risking it all?

Take yourself seriously first

photo credit: skedonk Today’s guest post from AJ Leon is about getting serious about your ideas and goals. Dan Kennedy talks about “massive action” more times than you can imagine. That’s all about getting serious. Do you take yourself seriously? If not, how can you expect anyone else to?

Learning from Angry Birds

What have you learned from the Angry Birds – other than how to burn up a ton of time? Having a (if not the) best selling game glued to the top of the iPhone AppStore charts has made Rovio a household name among smartphone users. But what have they done that you can learn from? […]

A number you’d care about

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography Last time, we talked about those 10 things that cause small businesses to fail, and zeroed in on the business model as most important of all. There’s usually a reason you got into the business you’re in, but whether you love it or just chose it for the money, the […]

What’s on your plate?

photo credit: jlastras As I spent the last month mulling over my strategic plan for this year, I started by looking at what I was doing operationally as if I was my own client. In the software business, it’s called “eating our own dogfood“. In other words, a vendor using their own software for the […]

The Stop Doing List

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Lots of people have todo lists that keep them on track throughout the day. Without them, a lot of things would never get done – including by me. Think about all the stuff you do. Make a list. Start with daily tasks, then weekly, then monthly – but do 1 at a […]

Abolish risk

photo credit: moonjazz Or at least, minimize/manage it. Today’s guest post from Everett Bogue (posted over at Julien’s place) is a nice little wake up call if you’ve been thinking about making changes in your life (or lifestyle). One of the biggest things about taking the big step you know you need to take is […]

Paying attention to changes

At first glance, you might think this is a video about climate change. Maybe it is, but there’s a story about a young, focused entrepreneur here. It’s also a story about making choices when change happens. Do you choose to sit and watch, or do you decide to adapt and flourish? In this video, a […]

iPads for business? Yes. Start now.

photo credit: lovelypetal Trust me on this. Your business needs an iPad. I know what you’re thinking. It goes something like this: Why does this Apple fanboy think I need this thing? It’s just like a dinky little laptop with no keyboard. I can’t even plug my USB thumb drive into it. There’s no camera. […]

Hit the autopilot

photo credit: lrargerich Like people and the seasons, businesses have many different stages of life. Some are newborn babies. Some are venerable old cowboys that at 86 can still take a strong 22 year old and stomp the crud out of ’em. And some are working on that maturing thing. Taking flight One thing that […]