It’s tough to harvest if you don’t plant

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography Imagine how ridiculous it would sound if one of the farmers in America’s breadbasket said “How can I get a new crop of winter wheat to harvest tomorrow / next week / next month?” Maybe someday the science of farming will allow such a thing, but these days, farmers still […]

Scoble, Secretariat and Mister Ed

photo credit: Robert Scoble A while back, Robert Scoble wrote a terrific post on├é┬áScobleizer about the worst things that startups do. I suggest you hop over there and check it out even if you aren’t in the technology business. When you’re done, come back so we can apply Robert’s comments to your not-a-startup small business. […]

Strategic planning or not?

Is your business activity planned this far ahead? This commercial screams Covey’s “Begin with the End in mind”. Where do you begin? And how far out is the End that you plan from? (not for, *from*)

Happy New Year! Take the next six weeks off

photo credit: (A3R) angelrravelor (A3R) Happy New Year in November? I don’t mean the Chinese New Year, the Jewish New Year or the new Federal fiscal year. I’m talking about the regular old New Year that happens on January first. Are you ready for 2010? Or will you start getting ready for it on January […]

Planning ahead: 700 year old trees

There’s a story told during the early parts of Wood Badge for the 21st Century (a week-long leadership course for Scout leaders) about an old cathedral somewhere in the UK or Europe. The story goes that the builders of this 700 year old building planned ahead for the maintenance of that building and a prime […]

What success looks like

photo credit: pshutterbug What does it look like to YOU, that is? To get where you are going most efficiently, with the least amount of distractions and dead end side trips, a detailed plan is essential. But it isn’t just about the plan. You have to be able to see the destination in your mind. […]