Doing ahead, not just thinking ahead

Quite often, I talk with business owners about thinking ahead. Something that happened yesterday tells me that I need to change my terminology to “Doing ahead.” Why the change? Primarily, I’m concerned that small businesses are thinking ahead, but stopping there. Thinking ahead discussions often include strategic thoughts of putting yourself out of business by […]

The hungry dog expects a bone

photo credit: timlewisnm In almost every market, there’s someone who seemingly owns that market’s customers and prospects. They’re the household name in that marketplace. A common assumption is that they get so many customers that they may as well get them all. To be sure, doing things that make you that household name is something […]

Warren Buffett to Josh: Read, read, read

photo credit: gualtiero Today’s guest post is from Josh Whitford from over in Fargo, dere (hey, we’re both way up north here so I can say that dere). Josh did a really smart and simple thing to get in touch with – and get advice from – Warren Buffett. While it’s great to get advice […]