Grind it out to eliminate excuses

photo credit: Elsie esq. Starting at about 5:50 in this video through about 6:55, Guy Kawasaki takes away any excuses that might keep you from reaching success. When a guy with the success level of Guy Kawasaki lays it on the line very simply. The rest of the video is worth a listen, but if […]

25 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

photo credit: WTL photos Today’s guest post comes from, specifically from author and Entrepreneur writer James Stephenson. You’ve heard many of these things from me, but it never hurts to hear them from someone else. Start here and dig in!

First Nicholson, now Vogel: You can’t handle the truth?

photo credit: kevindooley Today’s guest post comes from St. Louis photographer Jeane Vogel, who shares her observations about the reactions of “ambitious” visitors to an art fair, and the “la-la-la-la, I can’t hear you” reactions she got from far too many of them when sharing some of the most valuable info she could share with […]

8 Secrets to Success

Today’s guest post comes from Richard St. John‘s 3 minute session at the 2005 TED. Seven years and 500 interviews compressed into 8 keys to success, summarized in 3 minutes – all because a teenager on an airplane asked him “What leads to success?” At the time, he felt his answer wasn’t good enough. Today, […]