The Pace of Change

If things have seemed a bit frenetic in your business lately, you’re not alone. Many markets are experiencing a rapid rate of change – and in fact, the rate of change is accelerating. As a result, businesses, governments and even National Football League officials are struggling to keep up. For example, if you watched the […]

Do you see the future or the fingerprints?

While watching this, some will complain about the system running Windows, while others will wonder aloud why anyone would want to use it, grumble about specific features, or wring their hands over privacy implications much less the cost. Some might even focus on the hassle of removing fingerprints from the advanced technology’s surfaces. What do […]

iPads for business? Yes. Start now.

photo credit: lovelypetal Trust me on this. Your business needs an iPad. I know what you’re thinking. It goes something like this: Why does this Apple fanboy think I need this thing? It’s just like a dinky little laptop with no keyboard. I can’t even plug my USB thumb drive into it. There’s no camera. […]

Retailers: How do I know you *really* have it?

photo credit: wildxplorer Yesterday we talked about a retail experience that could have been better – mostly by doing something to encourage a customer to call you next time. Did you notice the cost of yesterday’s suggestion? ZERO. Today, we’ll talk about an experience related to yesterday’s story: Stock levels. When you go to the websites […]

Are you thinking about 5 years from now? Really?

What about in other markets that affect yours? Ever want to know at least a little bit of what Google might be thinking? This 5 minute excerpt is the meaty part of a 45 minute long discussion about the future with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Listen to what Schmidt says about the inevitable intersection of […]

Measurement and the fine art of bidding

photo credit: eyeSPIVE Ever messed up a bid? Even after 25 years in the IT business (much less other stuff), I find that one of the hardest things to do accurately is bid a sizable time and materials-based project. If you’re in IT, you know all the reasons. Stuff changes. Requirements aren’t necessarily what they […]

Little things sell big things

Earlier this week, we talked about how a little thing like the delivery of a sippy cup at the end of a long, hot weekend could change an entire restaurant experience. Two recent adventures further illustrate how little things could make a difference. Unfortunately, they involve those gasoline-powered devices / vehicles that so love to […]

Boat anchors are bad business. Sharing is good business.

[audio:] photo credit: Robb North Over the last month or so, I’ve been playing phone tag with someone at the local bank’s office. I use this national bank primarily because they offer some electronic banking services that local banks don’t bother to offer (such as a real-time, seamless interface with QuickBooks), despite my repeated “encouragement” […]

I am a slacker. Are you?

photo credit: striatic Yes, me.  I am a slacker. I admit it. A year ago, I was planning to release my first book, “Business is Personal”. You probably don’t remember me doing a launch promotion on it. That’s cuz I didn’t launch it. As you might suspect, stuff happened and pushed it out of my […]