Dude, I caught your wife cheating last night at…

photo credit: Renneville Imagine you’re talking with a prospect or client on the phone and right before the critical word or phrase that almost always closes the deal, you suddenly hang up. You’d never do that, right? Would make it kinda hard to close the sale, don’t you think? Thing is, your email, social media […]

When their eyes roll back in their head…

photo credit: striatic It’s a hint that they’re no longer listening. Really. Even Robert Scoble (aka Scobleizer) appears to be getting a little frustrated by the apparent inability of tech people to talk to Jane and Jerry Small Business Owner, despite demonstrated expertise in providing tech news. Bottom line, until you figure out a way […]

How to provoke a sea change

Seldom do I ask you to read extensive articles about large corporations. Usually, those corporations are the ones giving me blog post seedlings through their often inane behavior.  Today is no different, but the behavior is. Our guest post today comes from Wired Magazine, which talks about the impact of Ray Ozzie and his vision […]

What do a turkey and an iPhone have in common?

photo credit: Atilla1000 Plenty, if you’re thinking and paying attention to what other businesses are up to.  We had a Hutterite turkey last week, but in the process of digging around, I came across some innovative things that Butterball is doing to make life easier for their customers.  Things like text messages to remind you […]

Make your automation personal, not just automatic

photo credit: Zesmerelda After requesting a beta invitation to a web-based service, I received the activation email. *ONE* minute later, I got an email from the CEO asking how I liked the service.  Careful there, Sparky.  While I’d be the first to encourage such emails, you have to think about how – and particularly, when […]

Building a Better Mousetrap

Younger readers of Business is Personal might not remember this old Tareyton cigarette ad, but it reminds me of one of the hardest sales jobs around: Selling a “Me Too” product. A “Me Too product” is a replacement product for one already on the market and (presumably) successful. I say “presumably” because you really don’t […]

Why your staff wants more profitable work to do

Consider the profitability of the work being done by each member of your staff. Are they making your business more profitable? Or are they doing non-critical work that a computer or service could do? Why not automate those often lame-but-necessary tasks? Why? Because you arenâ??t getting it all done otherwise. Want proof? Call a vendor […]

Find and fight the fire before the customer does

In a recent email to senior Microsoft staff, Bill Gates had rather unflattering comments about a pre-release download and install process for Windows Moviemaker. Every one of us can relate, right? As for the message, Gates smiled and said, “There’s not a day that I don’t send a piece of e-mail … like that piece […]

Denying service to Tiger Woods

Denial of Service (DOS) attacks occur when slimy types hit a web server with thousands (millions, whatever) of requests for access all at the same time. Their goal is to bring a website down under the unanticipated workload. A common strategy is to focus these thousands/millions of requests on a website all at once during […]

Is your business stuck in the Dark Ages?

There’s just nothing better than making some grumpy old business obsolete. This week’s grumpy old business is the Associated Press (AP). Why? Because they have decided to start charging $2.50 per word when you excerpt their story (even though such excerpts are permitted under Fair Use as long as the excerpt is of reasonable length). […]