Small business + iPhone app = opportunity

Disclaimer: I simply have to admit that it’s unlikely that I would buy an iPhone until Apple decides to discard AT&T, or Steve Jobs’ gang adds a better cell carrier to the mix. I’m simply not willing to deal with those guys if I don’t have to. And yes, I’d probably get over it if […]

Operations and Details: Why you need a passion for crossing the T and dotting the I

One of the very few troubling things about living in a small town or a rural area is that sometimes, not all that often, but sometimes (yeah, I repeat myself), you find yourself “forced” to use a vendor that drives you crazy. Because of what appears to be a lack of passion about operations and […]

Attention to the little things pays small business dividends

A reader sent me a copy of an email that he received early last month from Mercedes (click the image to read it – it’s too wide for this text area) Attention to detail. Even the little things that might make your client late for an appointment, important meeting or family event – are clearly […]