Good business is personal

photo credit: jiazi Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to rethink a lot of things. It struck me that I’ve spent a lot more time discussing the dumb things that businesses do rather than the smart things they do. While I turn the story of those dumb things into a […]

Ask them to tell your story

photo credit: Jill Clardy Once it has been pointed out, most people understand that benefits / tangible results do a better job of generating interest in your products / solutions than a dry corporate list of bullet items. It’s easy for you to say “If you use this, <something> will result.” Some people will believe […]

Choose Carefully, Be Amazing.

photo credit: erikogan I was speaking with a wanna be business owner the other day who I *know* has the skills to help people in the market where he works. When I say “wanna be”, I don’t mean they can’t do it, or won’t do it, just that they haven’t done it. For the wanna […]

Bad apples make you taller, thinner and better looking (until Dec 1 2009)

photo credit: rick One of the things I’ve always counseled you to use in your marketing is testimonials: carefully chosen things your customers have said about their experiences using your products and services. On Dec 1 2009, that changes a bit. In some ways, it’s a good thing. It’ll make almost all those lame infomercials […]

Scarlett Johansson’s lips

photo credit: coolz0r On the BBC television show TopGear, one of the hosts was reviewing a new Audi sports car. After going on about the car, cooing about its performance and handling, he had to come up with something to say how amazing he felt about it overall. Keep in mind that despite slowly changing […]

Are your testimonials illegal? Will they be?

photo credit: Steven Fernandez Even if you aren’t using REAL testimonials in your ads, you should be. I believe we’ve talked about that a few times. If you are using testimonials (again, you should be – I can’t nag about that enough), then you might be interested in some changes that the FTC is considering. […]