Little things matter, like doorknobs and receipts

photo credit: jurek d. Today’s guest post is another story from Dustin about little things. Some people notice these things, some don’t. Ask yourself which kind of person you want for a customer, but think before you answer.

The thing in the way of amazing

photo credit: Br0m You know the thing I’m talking about. The thing that just wouldn’t go away. It’s so big, you can’t see it. It’s like that creep at the dance who just wont take no for an answer. Or that thing hanging over your head that you *know* you have to do – but […]

The little things you cant sell

Ever used a product and thought, “the person who designed this couldn’t possibly have ever used it themselves”? I sure have (Microsoft Outlook comes to mind for me). Likewise, you’ve probably had an experience like that with a product that just seems brilliant, simply because it is so intuitive that you know someone used it, […]