Christians, Lions and Wives of New Jersey

During the run-up to the fall of Rome, entertainment in that civilization became more violent and what many people these days would probably call immoral. If you look back to Rome, you might not see the parallel to today but I’m sure you’re familiar with the words “Those who forget / ignore history are doomed […]

Twelve Days of You

photo credit: gagilas Think about your day. What did you do yesterday? Were you productive? When I ask that, what I mean is this: Can you reel off a list of high-priority things that you accomplished? Did you waste any time? How much of each hour did you spend on real, focused, dedicated work that […]

The Stop Doing List

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Lots of people have todo lists that keep them on track throughout the day. Without them, a lot of things would never get done – including by me. Think about all the stuff you do. Make a list. Start with daily tasks, then weekly, then monthly – but do 1 at a […]

There’s no time

photo credit: scragz Today’s guest post comes from Adrian Savage, who was guest posting over at when he wrote “There’s no time”. If you struggle with having to much todo list at the end of your day/week/whatever, you might find the discussion of what amounts to a “ToDont list” helpful.

Too many customers? Now what?

Even today, plenty of businesses – particularly those run by consultants who charge by the hour – find themselves with too many customers. How many is “too many”? Simple. One more than you can handle, regardless of the number, regardless of your economic situation. Fortunately, it’s an early warning signal that your business model needs […]

Life and business control starts with systems

Many business owners would love to have control of their lives, yet they never seem to take any serious steps toward achieving that state. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no poster boy in this department, but just like me, if you look around, you’ll find someone doing even worse than you […]

We dont need no stinking batches

Apologies to fans of the movie The Treasure of Sierra Madre, but Darren set me up so well, I just couldn’t resist. Note: The embedded YouTube viewer is annoying the often-annoying Internet Explorer, so you can see the video here instead. You see, Darren Rowse of Problogger, and Digital Photography School would argue that you […]

Productivity on a weekend!

Today’s guest post is about a couple of tools that I thought you might find handy. Slither over to David Seah’s blog and you’ll find 2 pretty handy tools to make you more productive: The Printable CEO Series and The Compact Calendar. photo credit: ericmcgregor As you might expect, I think the more planning and […]