Do your homework, someone in China is starving for your job

That’s Tom Peters via YouTube. Initially, he talks about teenagers when referring to a quote from Thomas Friedman, but if you step back a bit, “do your homework” could – and should – be applied to all of us. Perhaps Tom felt it was easier to make the point about China and India (especially given […]

On obscene profits and the joy of being average

Yesterday’s Eagle Court reminded me of the last few moments of this short 2 minute video guest post from Tom Peters. Note for those who might cringe at, be disgusted by or even “hate” the thought of a company earning the “obscene profits” extols: Mr Peters is a Democrat who spoke on the Obama campaign […]

Forty six recession-busting “secrets” from Tom Peters

photo credit: lepiaf.geo Today’s guest post is from a pinnacle of business wisdom, Tom Peters. First, a quote: I am constantly asked for â??strategies/â??secretsâ?? for surviving the recession.â? I try to appear wise and informedâ??and parade original, sophisticated thoughts. But if you want to know whatâ??s really going through my head, see the list that […]

50 ways to kick your business into gear, from Tom Peters

photo credit: kevindooley Today’s guest post comes from none other than Tom Peters. He introduces his “XF-50”, which he calls 50 Ways to Enhance Cross-Functional Effectiveness and Deliver Speed, â??Service Excellenceâ? and â??Value-added Customer â??Solutionsâ??â?. Sure are a lot of quotes and buzzwords there, but I think you’ll find that they are quoted for a […]